Unlocking Visual Potential: Paul Hames, A Photographer Turned Mentor

Embark on a journey with Paul Hames, a seasoned photographer who seamlessly transitioned from capturing moments to cultivating creative minds. In the early '90s, Paul transformed his dream of becoming a professional photographer into a thriving reality. With a visionary eye that foresees images before they unfold, he has been on the forefront of the photography scene for over 19 years.

A Photographer's Evolution into an Educator

For the past 14 years, Paul has not only honed his craft behind the lens but has also dedicated himself to teaching photography, impacting the lives of over 7500 individuals. His journey includes collaborations with industry giants such as Nokia and Canon Cameras, where he delivered workshops and contributed to promotional films.

From Dragon's Den to Global Ventures

As an award-winning photographer, Paul has shared creative spaces with Dragon's Den personalities, Doug Richard and Piers Linney. Specialising in people and publicity photography, Paul's lens has traversed the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the visual narratives of some of the world's most prestigious companies.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Creative Ventures

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Paul co-founded one of the UK's largest creative web hosting companies, demonstrating not only his artistic flair but also his business acumen. This venture, now owned by Demon Internet, stands testament to Paul's commitment to the creative industry.

A Passionate Mentor and Lifelong Learner

Paul's role as an educator goes beyond traditional boundaries. With an unwavering commitment to creative growth, he creates inclusive environments that inspire students to embrace their unique voices. His teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that genuine learning is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Connect with Paul Hames: Your Creative Journey Awaits

Ready to embark on a remarkable visual project or seeking mentorship to unleash your creative potential? Reach out to Paul at +44 (0) 7977406316 or via email at Your transformative journey awaits with Paul Hames, a mentor deeply committed to unlocking your boundless visual and creative potential.